Monday, August 3, 2015

Rising From the Tokyo Projects

Venture into Tokyo's most dangerous projects in this mini documentary "Rising From the Tokyo Projects" from Vice. Learn about the Riverside Mob, the forerunners in Tokyo's underground hip hop scene and the inhabitants of the afore mentioned projects.   

Sunday, August 2, 2015

O U T D A R E ATL S/S 15

From the depths of Atlanta hails Outdate, the premier art and creative lifestyle brand. For this Spring/Summer '15 OutdareAtl delivers their newly launched woman's collection, offering a variety of colorful spaghetti strap Outdate box logo tanks. Modeled by the beautiful Gabrielle and styled by @Shakira_mazaratti. See more from the collection via the OutdareAtl website.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Deal With Raw Denim

Written by Kendra Campbell

In the world of premium denim no word gets thrown around more than the term raw denim, other than Japanese denim that is, but that’s another topic for another article.  And whether you’re a denim enthusiast, a novice who doesn’t know where to start, or simply someone who’s curious about what all the perceived hype is over what is seen by many as just another pair of jean, you’ve probably heard about raw denim at some point.  But just what is raw denim and why is it considered a superior form of jeans in many circles?

Well….  Raw denim, or dry denimis the denim fabric that has not been washed or treated after the dyeing process during its production as opposed to its pre-washed counterpart.  Now that was the short end of this explanation, for those of you that felt that this nutshell of a definition did nothing to help you understand how raw denim is different than the typical consumer bought denim, you’ll have to stick around a little bit longer.

Before we can get into the differences of raw and pre-washed denim, we have to take a step back and start briefly at the beginning and look at how denim its self is produced.  Denim is made from sturdy cotton that is then made into a twill textile in which a thread called the weft is passed through another thread that is held in tension, by a machine, called a warp, this then gives denim the diagonal ribbing pattern that people identify with as the texture of jeans. 

As we make our way to the end of the denim’s production we get to the point of this story, most jeans that consumers buy are put thorough a final stage where they are washed, hence the term pre-washed denim.  The purpose of this is so that the denim will become softer and shrink, so when a customer goes to buy them how they fit they the first time around will pretty much be how they fit for the duration of the time the customer owns those pair of jeans.  However raw denim completely skips the process of pre-washing leaving it in its “pure form” hence the term raw denim.  This seemingly minor change in the production of raw denim leads to some big differences in how it is treated and ultimately cared for once it’s bought.

When you first get a pair of dry denim one of the first things you’ll notice is that it will be incredibly stiff because of the high amounts of starch in them, and the denim will usually be a very deep dark color, this all goes back my previous mention about the no pre-washing when it comes to raw denim resulting in the starch and dye clinging to the denim.  But perhaps the most notable difference between dry and pre-washed denim, and one that you will hear the most among denim enthusiasts, is that fact that you are supposed to withhold the washing of dry denim until about at least six months of wearing them. 

Now for those of you cringing just thinking about the colonies of bacteria setting up shop in the jeans, just hear me out here; to set your mind at ease there have been studies conducted on bacteria levels in raw jeans that haven’t been washed in months which show that they’re not much higher than bacteria levels in regularly washed jeans, however on a side note I believe it goes without saying that it is imperative that your body hygiene is kept in check. 

With that being said, the point of holding off on your first wash is that it leaves it up to the owner to personalize the amount of creases and fades the denim will have throughout its life span based on the amount of stress and wear it experiences due to the owner’s daily lifestyle.  When you switch over to pre-washed denim the ability to create this individualized process is usually taken away from you, partially due to the washing process, but also through another process where the denim is artificially distressed using chemicals.  The end result is that it gives the denim a “worn” look.

So essentially raw denim is a desired product among denim enthusiast because it acts as a blank sheet of paper for the owner to catalog their life’s journeys, by the time you’ve washed your dry denim for the first time they should be able to tell the story of all your late night study sessions curled up in the corner of the library, the crazy parties that almost got shut down by the cops, the spur of the moment trip out of town with your best friend, and backpacking through Asia that taught you a lot about yourself.  The dense quantity of starch and dye that once had a vice grip on the denim, making them quite uncomfortable to wear the first couple of days, is heavily washed away and the owner will be left with an article of clothing that they can honestly say is their own because no machine can replicate the months of dedication, patience, and a little bit of sacrifice put in to create an authentically worn in pair of jeans. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Looking Glass Denim X Pastilliam

Looking Glass Denim's new collection is a perfect mix of denim and apparel, this time they've teamed up with tattoo artist Pastilliam to do the printed part of their latest collection, a segment called Lookingglassdenim X Pastilliam. Pastilliam is an amazing tattooer and artist who's artwork is globally recognized. New to this collection are two new jean fits. "Insane Skinny" a super skinny black jean 98% cotton and 2 % elastic and Psycho Slim, a beautiful 100% cotton selvage slim fit. See LGD newly launched website for more pieces. 

GNIK THE GOD (Free The Kids Performance)

If you don't know who he is, don't worry in a few months you will. "GNIK The God" pronounced King The God is a rising star and frequent