Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Best Selvedge Denim: APC VS RRL

Who makes the best Selvedge Denim APC or RRL? I happen to own a pair of both and at times it can be tricky to say which one I prefer more. If your big on quality, RRL takes the cake. In particular, RRL happens to manufacture the highest quality of selvedge denim jeans on the market. And what's not to love about the 100% non-washed stiff selvedge denim they also carry.On the other hand, RRL doesn't offer a skinny cut for slimmer guys such as myself. If you tend to like your jeans a little more fitted, APC is the way to go. I recommended APC's "New Cure" designed for waist sizes 30 and under.  But honestly, you can't consider yourself a true denim person until you own or at least tired a pair of both APC's and RRL's. Which ever pair you prefer is sure to yield amazing results.