Oct 1, 2014

Here's the new visual for my latest single "Taylor's World" Directed by Porsha B Films. Check out my artist bio and listen to more of my music by navigating over to the official Just Taylor soundcloud.

Just Taylor "Taylor's World"

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Sep 25, 2014

Disillusion Issue 46 Tome II, a definite must read complete with an array of beautiful imagery. In stores now via Desillusion

Desillusion Issue 46 Tome II

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Sep 24, 2014

Atlanta’s Tabernacle was the place to be (Friday, September 19th) to kick off BET’s annual Hip Hop Awards weekend and the last stop this season for the Brisk Bodega concert series. Los Angles native DJ Mustard headlined last night's gala, co-hosted by veteran DJ Greg Street and DJ Baby Yu. The packed out showcase had an assortment of local 20-somethings, out of state graduate students in town for a conference, and everybody else in the city looking to turn up for the weekend.

The show opened up with DJ Baby Yu on the Ones & Twos, whose set lasted a little over an hour. Eager fans waitedon DJ Mustard to hit the stage, but Yu kept things live, initially opening up with some of today’s contemporary hits. As the night progressed, Yu’s set transitioned into an early ’90s theme, spinning classics like “Big Poppa,” “The Choice Is Yours,” and “Shook Ones”—just to name a few. Up next was V-103’s DJ Greg Street. Keeping things funky, Street launched his set with Problem’s “Like What” followed by Yung Bleed’s “How You Do That There.” Next he played a block of early Cash Money songs like Juvenile’s “Set it off,” and Lil Wayne’s “Hustler Music,” concluding his set with UGK’s “Take it off.”

At this point only a matter of minutes divided anticipating fans from the main event, DJ Mustard and his surprise special guests.It didn’t take long for him to hit the stage, and once he did, the show really began. Mustard opened his set by spinning some of the singles that made him a household name, club bangers like Tyga’s “Rack City,” 2 Chainz “I’m Different,” and Young Jeezy’s “R.I.P”—arguably songs that gained him BET’s Producer of the Year nomination. Mustard also decreed to being the first West Coast DJ signed to ROCNation, and paid homage to

Jay Z by playing“I Just Wanna Love U.” On display last night was Mustard’s ability as a DJ, his knack not only for producing hits, but also for knowing which hits to spin to keep a crowd enthralled. Songs like Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga,” Wiz Khalifia’s “We Dem Boyz,” and Rae Sremmud’s “No Flex Zone” brought everybody in the building to their feet. The highlights of the night came from Mustard’s special guest. Up first was Atlanta’s very own OG Maco performing his energetic street anthem “U Guessed It,” followed by “OG Bobby Johnson” rapper Que, Ty Dollar Sign with “Paranoid” and YG commanded the stage with his rendition of “My Hitta.” Later the undisputed King of the South, T.I. would close the show out properly.

Brisk Bodega Presents: DJ Mustard

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Dec 12, 2013

For SS'14, B-Side By Wale brings together an eclectic collection of pieces to take the new season by storm. This SS'14 offers a collection inspired by B-Side's own values with a modern tailoring twist. The in-house design team have used a variety of fabrics and ideas to create a unique identity for the new line. Some of the key pieces are a beautiful perforated leather skirt, Mens shorts with nylon and acrylic pads and a fabulous statement raincoat with removable hood. B-Side by Wale continues its quest to be a front runner in British Fashion by continually evolving and innovating. B-Side's unique take on fashion has earned us many famous admirers, with Ellie Goulding, Rihanna and Jourdan Dunn being a few.

Models: Juli Molnar/ Ty Wright
Photographer: Mark Rabadan
Stylist: Kacper Koprowski
Make up & Hair : Alicia Moore
Art direction: Cora Rodriguez


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Nov 16, 2013

Even if it's 2013, there still are certain scenes and subcultures, where it's still not usual to meet a girl that's party of it. This goes for the Hip Hop world as well as the sneakerscene- but this doesn't mean that no girls are there! One of them is Juila Schoierer, to many better known as Sneakerqueen, or "That girl from Berlin with massive knowledge and a sneakercollection that makes yours look childish. On top of it Julia is awesome looking and never afraid of challenges. How tough they may be. Just like a Baby-G. Julia's spirit is unbreakable. That's why Berlin's own Sneakerqueen aka Julia Schoierer got together with Japanese watchmakers Baby-G for a very nice clip!. Baby-G spent a whole day with Germany's best known  female sneakerhead, who happens to be a sought-after photographer as well. Take a look for yourself - and spend some time with Julia! Courtesy of Baby- G


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Sep 5, 2013

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. opened its doors in April of 2013 as a resource for the modern traveler and city urbanite. Their aim is to provide the durable yet stylish garnets and tools that are suitable for both outdoor and urban living to those who may be new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro. Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. occupies a sunny corner space on the corner of Atlantic Ave. & Hicks St. in Brooklyn Heights. The neighborhood is well know for its historic streets and handsome brownstone houses, as well as its close proximity to Manhattan.


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Jul 25, 2013

Viberg Boot has been hand crafting some of the world's highest quality work boots for over 80 years. Founded in 1931 by Ed Viberg, the Canadian company is now in it's 3rd generation and is still 100% family owned and operated. Today Ed's son Glen Viberg is still on the factory floor, personally working on every single pair of boots that leaves our doors. VIBERG BOOT 


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Jun 5, 2013

Jerk Stuffed Eggplant

1 small eggplant halved
1 small onion diced
1 can diced tomatoes or 1 cup fresh
1 cup sliced mushroom (opt)
1/4 cup pine nuts 
1 Tbsp jerk seasoning
3 Tbsp oil

Preheat oven on 350*. Remove the centers of the halved eggplant so that enough is left for the eggplant to keep it's shape. Dice the removed centers and set aside. On a greased baking sheet, place each halved eggplant and put in the oven to bake. Heat a medium sized pan on medium-high heat and roast pine nuts for 3 minutes or until golden brown. Set aside. Then add oil and when it is hot add onions. When onions began to brown add jerk seasoning, mushrooms, diced eggplant, pine nuts and tomatoes. Cook until the mushrooms and eggplant began to soften. Turn off the heat. Removed eggplant shells from the oven and transfer vegetable mixture in even amounts to each shell. Placed stuffed eggplant back in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour. Serve hot.

Jerk Stuffed Eggplant Recipe

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Feb 10, 2013

All images courtesy of lester jones photography/I Dig Your Sole

1. So Lester, how did you first get into photography and film?
Are you sitting comfortably? Well I was never very academic at school in the UK where I grew up, and after High School ended up in college on an art course where I studied film making and photography. At the time photography was something that interested me greatly, but it was too expensive so I went down the film making route, focusing on video making. I made a documentary on the course, which led to 3 years at University in London specializing in TV Producing, and since then I’ve been making TV shows around the world. A few years ago I got back into photography and haven’t looked back since.
2. I’ve noticed that you’ve worked with a variety of well-known brands such as Casio and G-Star, how did those opportunities come about?
A few years ago I set up a blog as a platform to publish my work on a regular basis. My wife was a big fan of street fashion blogs like ‘The Satorialist’ and while I loved the shots, found the concept quite elitist as the content seemed to chase just high end fashion, a world which to many is a closed door.
I decided to take a similar model but focusing on street style, so I came up with I Dig Your Sole Man – a project designed to investigate sneaker culture and urban style, and very quickly the project developed a name in Australia where I’m based, and around the world.
Through the project my work became more widely known and saw numbers of contemporary brands enquiring working with me which is great, and I’m hired to shoot a variety of things ranging from videos to lookbooks, events and more.

3. It seems as though you travel often, where are you favorite places to shoot, and what is your camera of choice?
I travel whenever I can, but wouldn’t say I have a favourite place, I love going anywhere to be honest.

I can’t choose just one – but my cameras of choice are a Canon 5D Mk III or 7D, A Contax G1 if I feel like shooting on film, or even my iPhone – I just love shooting!

4. I Dig Your Sole Man is the world’s first ever sneaker based blog, what was it like being a finalist for Australian Fashion Blog of the Year 2012 & 2013?
Yeah, it was the first but a couple have popped up since, and I’m sure others will follow, but people seem to like my angle which is great, and the nomination for awards like this was great and makes all the hard work seem worthwhile.

I spend a lot of time shooting, writing and editing content for the site so all praise, kind words and nominations are great.

5. What can we look forward to seeing from Lester Jones and I Dig Your Sole Man in 2013?
This may sound clichéd but 2013 is set to be the biggest and best year yet for both IDYSM and all facets of my work.

IDYSM will be given a revamp, and I plan to undertake more travel and work on more projects so hopefully I’ll be coming to a town near you soon, and who knows, maybe even catching up with the Beats Rhymes Hype crew?

I Dig Your Sole Man

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